Do you have a scared cat?

If you think you have a scared cat, depressed or nervous cat then you could be right and they might be suffering from stress and cat anxiety.
Cats love routine, familiarity and the feeling of security, so when they perceive that things are not how they usually are then they can feel stressed, anxious or even depressed, just like we can

How to form a bond with an Angry Scared cat

1. Be patient. As with any kind of relationship, the bond between human and cat takes patient cultivation. Don’t run up to the cat, grab the cat, chase the cat, or even look at the cat funny.
2. Respect the cat as you would a father-in-law who doesn’t like you, but you must win over regardless.
3. Show the cat that good things come from you. Bring him snacks whenever you approach him. If he hisses and shows aggression don’t get angry. Just leave him be. If he’s too afraid to let you get close, gently toss the food his way (note: toss it NEAR him not AT him)
4. Try gradually making him come closer to accept the treat until he’s eating out of your hand.
5. Make a show of dinner time. Rattle the bag, open the can as noisily as possible, call out the cat’s name, etc.
6. Take time out of your day to seek him out and sit near him where he can see you, but don’t look at him. Eat something (preferably meat) that smells really good or fiddle with a cat toy. Do this until he starts approaching out of curiosity.
7. When he approaches offer him a bite of the food or the toy.
8. If he accepts it and doesn’t immediately run off, pet him.